Work package title: Dissemination, Standardization and Exploitation Plans


  • To acquire early marketing information about the “Space-Data Routers” suitability to meet requirements and evaluate its overall business opportunities, the major actors, their roles, etc.
  • To define and implement appropriate plans ensuring “Space-Data Routers” commercial, technological and educational viability.
  • To address and project onto the workplan future technological trends, for instance new CCSDS standardized protocols.
  • To implement partners’ exploitation plans based on the continuous assessment of the market and the technological course of the project.
  • To continuously monitor the technological and market advances in the domain of space networking and provide feedback to the project management and the technical teams so as to tune accordingly ongoing design activities.
  • To identify industrial and R&D projects with similar objectives and liaise for the purpose of exchanging technological information.
  • To conduct consistent dissemination activities including set up of a project web site, participation to conferences, papers submission, presentations and demonstrations at cluster meetings.
  • To organize workshops, special journal issues and lectures on space networking.
  • To perform standardization activities according to the described in “Space-Data Routers” plan.