We define four major scientific objectives:

  1. “Space-Data Routers” will boost the dissemination capability for Space Data on Earth. We demonstrate the capability of the Space-Data Routers to extend end-user access to space data through communicating Ground Stations and Space Research Centers.
  2. “Space-Data Routers” will allow for exploiting Data from Deep Space. We demonstrate the potential of exploiting data from Deep Space and disseminate it naturally through unified communication channels. This will be evaluated using the missions Rosetta and Mars Express along with the existing Ground Station infrastructure.
  3. “Space-Data Routers” will exploit European Scientific Capacity as well as ESA’s existing infrastructure, resources, protocols policies and assets. We Demonstrate the capability of Space-Data Routers to deliver efficiently to end-users vast volumes of data over terrestrial internetworks using a projection of generated data from ENVISAT, SENTINEL, etc. as case studies.
  4. “Space-Data Routers” will allow for cross-mission scientific applications. We Demonstrate the sufficiency of DTN space-data overlays to administer thematic cross-mission space data. We describe the application framework along with the thematic cross-mission space data collection for measuring urban heat island phenomenon of Athens.

In general, “Space-Data Routers” will boost the scientific capacity of ESA and Europe in Space Sciences and the new space communication era. Practically, “Space-Data Routers” will allow ESA to build its own internetworking strategy, on its own infrastructure, and also determine its resource sharing policies and guarantee space security aspects, independently. In turn, Space-Data Routers will allow ESA and Europe to deploy its own Space-Data Dissemination policy, immediately.