Telespazio VEGA Deutschland GmbH, Germany (Telespazio VEGA)

Martin Gotzelmann is a Senior Consultant and Project Manager in the ground segment systems area at Telespazio VEGA. He has been involved in the space industry for nearly 30 years. Martin has significant expertise in the field of Space Link Extension (SLE) and was instrumental to the definition and the implementation of the ESA SLE API. Martin participates in the CCSDS working group for SLE. Martin has been project manager for many ground segment system developments including the Ground Segment Test and Validation Infrastructure and the Portable Satellite Simulator. He has been involved in various activities related to monitoring and control of ESA ground stations, more recently in the requirements analysis for the evolution of the ESA Ground Station Management System.

Anthony Crowson has a BSc in Computational Science and Statistics from the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He has worked on a range of space mission ground segment projects over the last 20 years in Consultancy, Technical and Project Management, and Engineering roles. His experience includes Ground Segment consultancy for ESA and EUMETSAT, mission control centres for ESA and DLR, and related infrastructure, data distribution, ground station systems, standardisation and harmonisation work. He participates in the CCSDS Service Management Working Group.

Christian Laroque has more than 16 years of professional experience as software engineer and has lead several project teams as technical lead and project manager. He is the project manager and technical lead for several projects in different domains – operational ground station systems like the TMTCS, Cortex, Portable Satellite Simulator – simulation systems like the Ground Station M&C Simulator (MAX) and GSTVi (Ground Segment Test and Validation Infrastructure ) which was the first application based on the SMP2 standard and the SIMSAT 4 simulation infrastructure. Christian has also been the technical lead for the development of the SLE Ground Model.