Space Internetworks Ltd, Greece (SI)

SI is an SME, formed by highly qualified members (most with Ph.D in Engineering) and supported by distinguished academic advisors in fields relevant to Networking and Space Internetworking. SI members have significant professional experience gained from participation in a number of ESA, EU projects. Further, SI participates in the design and development of a distributed DTN Space Communication Test-bed in cooperation with the InterSys laboratory of DUTH and the Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI), within the framework of the 2nd Phase of the project “Extending Internet into Space”. Space Internetworks is located in Athens, Greece

Key research achievements in the area of space and networking are the design, implementation and evaluation of new transport protocols for deep-space communications, such as the Deep-Space Transport Protocol (DS-TP); extensive analysis of the applicability of IP and DTN in space environments; space communication Test-bed design and implementation; novel mechanisms for service differentiation such as the Non-Congestive Queuing (NCQ) and the Non-Congestive Queuing Plus (NCQ+).

Projects that reflect the experience of SI scientists and professionals include Extending Internet Into Space – Phase 1 & Phase 2, funded by ESA, Autonomic Internet (AutoI) (development of a self-managing virtual resource overlay that spans across heterogeneous networks and supports service mobility, security, quality of service and reliability), Ambient Networks, Design and implementation of linux-based IP routers for SME/SOHO environments, Design and implementation of linux-based residential gateways for multiprotocol residential environments.

SI will lead WP5 (Router component integration and validation, and integration into Testbed).